Background Check Services
Our background check services are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY by calling 440-350-2563 x 788; appointment hours are Monday -Thursday 9:15 AM to 1:15 PM. Everyone must stay in their vehicle and call 440-350-2563 x788 upon arrival. All visitors who wish to enter our building must wear a mask. Please continue to check our website for updates. Thank you! 
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Guidelines / Skills For Success
Student at Lake Academy

Respect yourself, others, and your environment

Show respect for self through appropriate dress and hygiene. Accept decisions constructively. Share concerns constructively. Show tolerance for differences in others. Take care of your property as well as the property of others.

Be positive

Compliment others, support friends positively. Greet staff and visitors in a positive manner. Volunteer to help. Express gratitude for the kindness of others.

Be responsible

Be prepared with materials. Move about the building in a quiet orderly manner. Follow school procedures and expectations.

Do your best

Continue to try even when the work is difficult. Approach assignments carefully and neatly. Keep your word and commitments. Take ownership for mistakes and strive to do better.

Stay on task

Attend school each day. Be on time for class. Avoid distractions. Use your time carefully; complete all work.

Cooperate and support others

Follow request of adults willingly and promptly. Contribute to class and school activities. Work together positively. Resolve disagreements calmly. Show good sportsmanship.

Social Skills Curriculum

  1. * How to Follow Instructions
  2. * How to Accept Criticism or a Consequence
  3. * How to Accept "No" for and Answer
  4. * How to Greet Someone
  5. * How to Get the Teacher's Attention
  6. * How to Make a Request
  7. * How to Disagree Appropriately
  8. How to Give Negative Feedback
  9. How to Resist Peer Pressure (or Say "No")
  10. How to Apologize
  11. How to Engage in a Conversation
  12. How to Give a Compliment
  13. How to Accept a Compliment
  14. How to Volunteer
  15. How to Report Peer Behavior
  16. How to Introduce Yourself

* Critical Skills

Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve

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Phone: 440.350.2563
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