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Geauga Achieve is an educational program serving students with multiple disabilities who require moderate to intensive instruction. The program currently has five classrooms located throughout Geauga County in the public school buildings. Geauga Achieve offers two sites for half-day prevocational training programs to support students in their prepartion for transition to adult life and employment options. Geauga Achieve students are in kindergarten all the way through high school (their 22nd birthday).

Achieve News

Celebrating Constitution Day!

On September 17, 2020, students in Mrs. Kustron’s ACHIEVE class celebrated Constitution Day with donuts while learning about the US government and Constitution.  

Achieve Bowling Field Trip!

On February 21, 2020, all Geauga Achieve students enjoyed a field trip to bowling! Field trips and attending other events outside of the school setting provide the students the opportunity to develop the life and social skills needed to become successful and active members of our community.

Best Buddies Program Focuses on Inclusion!

Under the guidance of Sara DeMuch, Intervention Specialist and Best Buddies Director, the students of West Geauga High School are the spreading the news of the importance of inclusion of special needs students in all activities so that they enjoy a typical high school experience and gain opportunities to socialize with their peer classmates! For more information on the program, please contact Sara DeMuch at [email protected].

Annual Geauga Achieve Fundraiser 2020

We hope to have our fundraiser for the upcoming school year in Spring 2021 and will keep you informed when a date is confirmed. From all of the staff and families of Geauga Achieve, we hope you stay safe and healthy. Together, we will get through this. 

About Geauga Achieve

Geauga Achieve aims to provide all students, regardless of disability, an educational program in a supportive environment that meets the individual needs of the student. Each class can accommodate eight students and is led by a licensed intervention specialist. Students receive instruction in the core academic areas with a modified curriculum based on the Ohio Department of Education Standards and Extended Standards. Our program empowers young individuals with multiple disabilities through a supportive and integrated educational environment designed to ensure each student thrives to their best ability both in school and beyond.
  • Standards Based Curriculum
  • Academics
  • Community Experiences
  • Adaptive Living Skills
  • Individualized Instruction 
  • Assistive Technology
  • Structured Learning Environment
  • Access to general education enviornments
  • Team Instructional Approach
  • Family Activities


  • All students can learn
  • Student outcomes are improved when structured teaching appraches are utilized
  • Consistency in the pattern of service delivery exists across classroom settings
  • Students are educated in a safe and healthy learning environment
  • The classroom is effectively integrated into the general eduction program of the building
  • Instruction is standards-based with literacy and communication focus
  • Documentation and data collection requirements are completed with integrity 
  • Classroom staff operates using a Transdisciplinary Model
  • Confidentiality of student information is maintained
  • Parents, as partners in the educational process, are afforded opportunities to become involved in program activities


Huskie Hot Spot 

Mrs. Swartzlander's classroom at Cardinal High School operates the Huskie Hot Spot coffee and cookie shop two afternoons per week. The remaining three afternoons are spent baking cookies and participating in other work related tasks. This prevocational training program allows qualified students to participate in school based work experiences aimed at teaching the necessary work skills, habits, and social skills for future employment. Students appropriate for this program are able to enroll for afternoon prevocational training only, or participate in the full day Geauga Achieve program which includes a standards based curriculum delivered through specialized instruction.

Cafe Achieve 

In October 2013, Geauga Achieve opened our second cookie and coffee shop which is located at West Geauga High School. Cafe Achieve replicates the goals of the Huskie Hot Spot, but is open for business M-F from 7:30-10:00 am in the cafeteria at West Geauga High School. Students appropriate for this program are able to enroll for afternoon prevocational training only, or participate in the full day Geauga Achieve program which includes a standards based curriculum delivered through specialized instruction.

Contact Information

Robin Ludwig
Director, ACHIEVE
Phone Number: 440-754-0095 

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Annual Fundraiser

Annual Geauga Achieve Fundraiser 2021

Stay Tuned for Updates on the 2021 Annual Fundraiser.

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