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Online Learning Academy

Online Learning Academy

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The ESC of the Western Reserve (ESCWR) has teamed with local school districts to provide the Online Learning Academy Self Paced Option program.  Students can gain new credits, recoup lost credits and get help from experienced teachers.

Self Paced Option--Monitoring and Tutoring Support

  • For the 2023-2024 school year, the program will serve students in Grade 6 to Grade 12. 
    ESCWR partners with a Digital provider with curriculum, assessments, and activities aligned to Ohio standards.

  • ESCWR is not a credit issuing entity. Henceforth, we do not issue credits, nor are we to be named in the NCAA portal as an entity.

  • Districts will be responsible for creating and collecting documentation to determine eligible enrollment. 

  • Students are required to follow their home school District policies and code of conduct while enrolled in the ESCWR Self Paced Option program

  • Computers/devices will need to be provided by the home District/school (iPads are not recommended).

  • Students will work independently in digital courses available 24/7.

  • ESCWR staff provides enrollment, progress tracking, academic support, grading of student submissions, feedback, and virtual tutoring by appointment via Zoom or in person at a designated location.

  • ESCWR staff will provide Districts regular updates regarding student progress and time spent engaged in the curriculum.

  • ESCWR staff will communicate with students and their families with District support.

  • Selected Honors courses will be offered by request.  There are no AP offerings. 

  • Flexibility to support Career Technical and College Credit Plus students.

  • Original Credit and Credit Recovery students will have from time of enrollment through the end of the current semester to complete course work. Clear pacing and monitoring guidelines will be established to keep students on track and ensure course completion. The ESCWR staff will be flexible with students who are in a time-crunch and need a District-required course for graduation. The deadlines for Semester enrollments are October 25, 2023, and March 13, 2024, respectively Self Paced Calendar 2023-2024

  • The Self Paced Option program is designed as a collaborative with Districts. 

  • District appointed personnel will need to attend a collaborative meeting with the ESCWR in order to ensure consistency and continuity of policies and procedures to support quality of services to families and guarantee all guidance components are met. 

Program Eligibility

  • Student enrollment is based on home District criteria 

  • Student enrollment is based on contracts with Districts/schools and students enrolled in those Districts/schools.

FY24 Online Learning Academy Self Paced Option Pricing

For support, questions, or interest, please direct all communications to 

ESCWR Online Learning Academy Coordinator 

Beth Williams at [email protected]

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