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The Educational Service Center is an integral part of the education system in our county, region and state. We serve the students and staff of the local, exempted village, city school districts, and joint vocational schools in our region. The rapidly changing educational environment in Ohio demands flexibility, innovation and dynamic leadership, and the ESC strives to meet the needs of our region today and tomorrow. We focus on the development of programs and hire key personnel to provide services that positively impact and improve instruction and student achievement throughout the region.

Mission: ESC of the WR is committed to providing innovative programming and quality services to support and promote student achievement in all aspects of our educational communities within our region and state.
Vision: The ESC of the Western Reserve will be recognized as a premier educational service center that provides personalized services to inspire and support student growth and staff development to educational communities in our region and across Ohio.
1. Quality Services and Programming: Develop and continue supporting high-quality services and programs for student growth and achievement
  • Continue strengthening our district relationships/quality services to increase contracted services and alignment.
  • Expand programming, services, networks, and professional development for school districts and partners.
  • Develop model consortia programs at reduced cost and increase enrollment.
  • Partner with the Ohio Department of Education to lead initiatives to support our schools and educational community.
  • Offer high quality professional development in the areas of curriculum, assessment, gifted services, special education, literacy, and data analysis.
  • Identify and engage well recognized speakers annually to support regional and state initiatives.
  • Develop innovative pilots to support academic needs and ODE initiatives (e.g. ODE OTES Prototype, Education Incites).
  • Create partnerships and shared services among the Information Technology Center, State Support Team Region 4, and ESC.
  • Empower the ESC Staff to be innovative in creating new programming.
  • Focus on quality of services and programming by recruiting and retaining high quality staff.
  • Implement a plan for professional development for current and future staff.

2. Communication and Marketing: Develop and implement effective, efficient communication and marketing practices
  • Work with communicating and marketing experts to enhance outreach, partnerships, and deepen relationships to strengthen understanding of the services and programs provided by the ESC.
  • Engage in high-level communications, insights, and services as well as developing appealing collateral pieces such as newsletters, website enhancements, and create a social media presence.
  • Build trust and support through strong school districts and community relationships.
  • Engage in market research and surveying schools and community to gain essential feedback regarding programs and services.

3. Assurances and Cost Effectiveness: Provide member districts reasonable assurance by providing quality programs and services supporting student needs in a cost effective manner.
  • Continue to monitor and grow the financial strength of the general operating fund.
  • Work closely with member districts to enhance confidence and transparency with accurate and timely information supporting actual program costs. 
  • Regular monitoring and status updates of information that supporting enrollment and program costs.
  • Continually seek feedback from member districts related to billing, service models and program structures to better serve student and district needs.
  • Engage the management board in the creation or restructuring of new or existing programs that support the needs of students and staff.
  • Market the ESC of the Western Reserve as a premier service organization thus enhancing the number of affiliated districts.

ESC of the Western Reserve

ESC of the Western Reserve
Office: 440-350-2563 x 0
8221 Auburn Road
Painesville, OH, 44077
Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

View our PowerPoint Presentation!

Please view the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve's PowerPoint Presentation that showcases our Mission, Vision & Goals!