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Local Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the Local Professional Development Committee is to promote professional development. The committee reviews, approves and monitors professional growth activities for certificate and license renewal. The activities will serve to improve student learning, enable the educator to progress toward individual professional goals, and be in alignment with the strategic plan of the ESC of the Western Reserve.
The LPDC will be governed by a five-member team. Three teachers and two administrators (supervisors) who have a minimum of three years experience and who have demonstrated a belief in lifelong learning as evidenced by their individual professional development records and/or documentation. There shall be one teacher alternate and one administrative alternate to serve in the absence of regular committee members. Committee members shall be recommended by the County Superintendent and voted on by the Governing Board. The following are members of the LPDC Committee for the 2019-2020 school year: 

Debra Burke, Chairperson, Administrative Member
Bruce Cline, Teacher Member
Candace Craig, Teacher Member
Jaina Gandolfi, Administrative Member
Mary Kline, Teacher Member
Maureen Boros, Teacher Member Alternate
Becky Tressler, Recorder (non-voting member) 


It is the responsibility of every licensed staff member of the ESCWR to have on  file an approved Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).  The Plan, which must be submitted to the LPDC electronically through HR Kiosk for approval, is to serve as a guideline for the individual's professional development during the next license renewal cycle.  Once approved by the Committee, the submitted IPDP and License(s) copy will remain on file with the Committee in the HR KIOSK. It is recommended that individuals review their IPDP yearly.  Applicants may submit revisions of the IPDP at any time during the renewal cycle to ensure that the IPDP, goals, and position are aligned. 
PLEASE NOTE: A new IPDP must be submitted to the LPDC by October 1 following the latest license issued.  An approved IPDP MUST be on file prior to completing coursework for that renewal cycle.   
For License Renewal, apply as early as January 1 for the license expiring June 30 of the same year; FBI required every 5 years for renewal. 
  • Administrators/Teaching Staff – After LPDC approval of all coursework, submit application to ODE via personal OH ID Portal (SAFE) account.
  • Related Service Staff (OT, PT, SLP)  – Renew license with State Board then submit application to ODE via personal OH ID Portal (SAFE) account. 

LPDC Meeting Dates


LPDC Guidelines

This guideline is aligned with the Standards for Ohio Educators for Teachers/Principals

Contact Information

Burke, Debra
Chief Operating Officer
Office: 440-350-2563 x 727