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ESCWR Networks

The ESC of Western Reserve facilitates a variety of Network Meetings as a means to support local professionals and offer regular opportunities for learning and collaboration with colleagues from across the region. There is value in gathering like professional groups to learn together. 

Upcoming Networks

Curriculum Leaders Network
This collaborative network will give much-needed time and a safe space for Curriculum leaders to engage and discuss state and local mandates, supports, and best practices. This is an excellent opportunity for leaders to share problems of practices and for leaders to learn from each other. In addition, meeting content will include State and local curriculum updates, as well as ESCWR, SST4 and LGCA, supports.
----Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.  

Resident Educators Collaboration Network Year 1 & 2
This series of professional development offerings are designed to support beginning teachers as they are required to demonstrate skills they may not yet have acquired. This series will provide opportunities to practice, refine and gain a deeper understanding of the art and science of teaching in a professional learning community. Resident educators and mentors are encouraged to attend.
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 
Assessment and Data Network
This collaborative network will give much-needed guidance and a safe space for district leaders to engage and discuss state and local mandates, initiatives, and best practices in fields of assessment and educational data. The network space is an excellent opportunity for leaders to share current issues and learn from each other on all items pertaining to assessments, high-quality student data (HQSD), and data platforms. Accompanying this network will be formal focus trainings in session topic areas, such as the CRS platform, HQSD, and Special Education Profiles and Ratings.
-------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 

Suicide Prevention: Intersectionality of the LGBTQ+ Community Network

These trainings are offered to any and all school staff, including teachers, school counselors, social workers, and administrators in order to provide basic education and information about LGBTQ+ youth. These were requested by varying partner districts as well as an extension of learning. 

--------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 

Practicing Principal & Aspiring Instructional Leaders Network
Come expand your leadership expertise and capitalize on the strengths of the individuals participating in this network. This Practicing Principal and Aspiring Instructional Leader Network is designed to create hands-on, real-world, applicable learning experiences to support your growth in leadership. As a collaborative group, we will support one another in ways to address and release the demands of the new and experienced site and district administrators. Principal Leaders: Invite your aspiring building administrators and instructional coaches to attend these network meetings with you in order to build your leadership
capacity together. Stories of successful administrators will be shared throughout each learning session.
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 

Gifted Network
Collaboration can lead to better student outcomes, support for instruction, and general collegiality. Please join our ESC of the Western Reserve Gifted Education Network in collaboration with Summit ESC as we work together to share ideas
and successful instructional strategies of high effect size, act as a sounding board for each other, stay up to date on ODE and Ohio happenings, and support each other with instructional implementation. Monthly meetings (see schedule) will be a time to connect with others who share your experiences. Learn Inquiry processes and Inquiry Step Back Consultancy processes in order to help support and problem-solve ideas other district colleagues are struggling with. Ideal for Gifted Coordinators and Gifted Teachers. 
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meeting and for registrations. 

English Language Learner Lunch and Learn Network
Enjoy lunch with us while having an opportunity to network and learn from fellow school staff. This network is designed to share research and evidence-based strategies of best practices for English Language Learners. Both academic, integrated student support, and local community resources will be the focus. The network will discuss compliance issues, and challenges, and participants will share successful structures of support for English language learners in districts. Walkthrough tools for best practices will be shared and developed cohesively. As this network grows and develops, participants will be able to co-construct their learning.
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.

Math Professional Learning Network
The Math Professional Learning Network is designed to build capacity for district and teacher leaders focused on improved success in mathematics. Math best practice topics and instructional delivery models will be developed collaboratively with district input. We will implement successful mathematics instructional strategies. We will connect with others to learn together, share resources, problem-solve, and support each other through our shared math experiences. Topics will include an emphasis on Mathematical Practices, cognitively guided instruction, number talks, mathematical discourse, questioning techniques, journaling, and updates from the Ohio Department of Education (including the High School Math Pathways such as Algebra 2 equivalencies). 
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.

ELA Professional Learning Network
We are excited to announce our ELA Professional Learning Network. Starting in October, the monthly sessions will build the capacity of local educators. Participants will receive updates on Ohio's Dyslexia support laws and engage in professional development around common needs identified through our meaningful collaboration. Literacy coaches from several districts across the area will lead engaging, interactive, and relevant professional learning experiences.  Each date will include two sessions: one for district and building leaders guiding district improvement efforts, and another for classroom teachers and staff directly engaged in the work. PLN members have the opportunity to gain one credit through Lake Erie College. 
-------Download our flier for additional information about the network meeting and for registrations. 

STEAM Network
Beginning the 2022-23 school year, the ESC of the Western Reserve is proud to announce the launch of the STEAM Learning Network. The goal of the network is to open up communication channels between content-specific educators, administrators, and partners, foster collaboration and sharing of best practices, and encourage a space that champions the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Culture, and Math, across the curriculum to increase engagement and academic achievement for our students.
-------Download our flier for additional information about the network meeting and for registrations.

Superintendent Leadership Network
By design, SLN consists of members with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and district demographics to ensure a variety of opinions and insights. This network is a group of dedicated educational leaders that focus on personal and district continuous improvement.  Meetings include professional growth, networking, and collaborative problem-solving opportunities.  As a member of this network participants can expect the following:   Meaningful and relevant leadership development in which content and resources will be provided for participants to replicate the activities within their school districts.  An opportunity to share local issues and move through a protocol to collaborative develop a list of potential actions/ solutions.
Network and learn from other talented school leaders.  The Superintendent Leadership Network will meet on the following dates:
- Session 3- January 13, 2023- 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM (Virtual Meeting)
- Session 4- February 3, 2023- 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM (Virtual Meeting)
- Session 5- March 3, 2023- 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM (Virtual Meeting)
- Session 6- April 28, 2023- 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM ( In- person)

Register here.

Principal Leadership Network
Middle School Principals & High School Principals.  Each meeting will include leadership development as well as time dedicated to listening, sharing, and reflecting on best practice strategies for programs within your buildings.  The collaborative skill of learning through dialogue can be quite powerful when generating potential solutions.  Meeting content will be designed in a manner in which you will be able to take the resources and information back to share with your leadership teams.  The topic of these meetings is: Creating a Positive and Empowering Culture for Teachers and Staff.  We will be discussing the implications of how to sustain a positive work culture to help teachers and staff remain engaged, committed, and high performing while choosing to remain a staff member at your school.  We will request principals to share their own strategies and programming to maintain a culture that is beneficial for both staff and students.  We will be providing you with a copy of The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective School Leaders by Tim Nolan, Ed.D.  Register here. 

The following 22-23 Networks have been approved as a Lake Erie College Wrap-Around Course! 
You can find more details about the Lake Erie College Wrap-Around Course HERE.
  • English Language Learners

  • Principals & Aspiring Instructional Leaders

  • Math Professional Learning

  • ELA Professional Learning


  • Gifted Inquiry

  • Personalized Learning


Below is the information for registering for the graduate credit hour courses offered through Lake Erie College.

  1. Gifted Networks # ED7335W

  2. Practicing Principals and Aspiring Leaders Network #ED7331W

  3. ELL Lunch and Learn Network # ED7333W

  4. STEAM Network #ED7334W

  5. ELA Professional Learning Network #ED7336W

  6. Math Professional Learning Network #ED7337W

 Registration is open immediately.
Students are required to submit the form with a physical signature or digital signature. 

  1. Download the Form. Save to your computer.
  2. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader if needed HERE.
  3. Create a digital signature, and review how to create it HERE.
  4. After signing, SAVE adding your name to the file name.
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