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ESCWR Networks

The ESC of Western Reserve facilitates a variety of Network Meetings as a means to support local professionals and offer regular opportunities for learning and collaboration with colleagues from across the region. There is value in gathering like professional groups to learn together. 

Upcoming Networks

Curriculum Leaders and Leading High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) Network

This year we married our Curriculum Leader Network informational sessions where we share and exchange ideas from ODE updates to a High Quality Instructional Materials Series to support Curriculum Leaders and Building Leadership Teams to lead High Quality Instructional Materials Adoptions in line with ODE’s $44M Initiative.  Our Curriculum Team has led 2 State Webinars across Ohio and has 10 consultants involved in leading the Northeast Ohio region with the support of implementation. Read more about HQIM Professional Learning opportunities HERE.  Come join us and learn how to lead this process in your schools and districts with best practices.

----Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.  

Resident Educators Collaboration Network 
This series of professional development offerings are designed to support beginning teachers as they are required to demonstrate skills they may not yet have acquired. This series will provide opportunities to practice, refine and gain a deeper understanding of the art and science of teaching in a professional learning community. Resident educators and mentors are encouraged to attend.
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 
Suicide Prevention: Intersectionality of the LGBTQ+ Community Network

These trainings are offered to any and all school staff, including teachers, school counselors, social workers, and administrators in order to provide basic education and information about LGBTQ+ youth. These were requested by varying partner districts as well as an extension of learning. 

--------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 

Gifted Network
Gifted teachers and coordinators are invited to participate in a unique professional network opportunity hosted jointly by the ESC of the Western Reserve and Summit ESC. This network centers around collaboration, mutual support, learning best practices, and staying up-to-date on vital gifted education topics. Participants will have the chance to engage in productive conversations, share successful teaching strategies, and explore new ideas and approaches that can lead to better student outcomes. The network's primary goal is to establish a supportive community that helps gifted educators thrive in their roles while continuously advancing the field of gifted education. With regular meetings, members can connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and find solutions to common challenges. This is an excellent chance to develop new skills, expand your knowledge, and deepen your understanding of gifted education. 
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meeting and for registrations. 

English Language Learner Lunch and Learn Network
Enjoy lunch with us while having an opportunity to network and learn from fellow school staff. This network is designed to share research and evidence-based strategies of best practices for English Language Learners. Both academic, integrated student support and local community resources will be the focus. The network will discuss compliance issues, and challenges, and participants will share successful structures of support for English language learners in districts. Walkthrough tools for best practices will be shared and developed cohesively. As this network grows and develops, participants will be able to co-construct their learning.
------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.

Math Professional Learning Network
This opportunity was designed for math coaches, math teacher leaders, and district consultants to collaborate and build capacity for success in mathematics. We will learn together, problem-solve and support each other by sharing resources, ideas, positive experiences, and successful instructional strategies.  

ELA Professional Learning Network
The ELA Professional Learning Network is designed to build capacity for district and teacher leaders focused on ODE’s Dyslexia Support Laws and Adolescent Literacy initiatives. Literacy best practice topics and instructional delivery models will be developed collaboratively with district input. 
-------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations. 

Safety and School Emergency Professional Learning Network

Schools can never be completely prepared for emergencies, but through a series of interactive case study reviews, district and school leaders can strengthen their current safety and emergency plans and responses, while building capacity for a comprehensive response. Please join our ESC of the Western Reserve Safety and School Emergency Network as we explore real and simulated emergency cases, interact and share ideas and support with local school leaders and community first responders, and identify safety concerns and needs in individual districts.

-------Download our flier for additional information about the network meetings and for registrations.