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Guidance Counselors

ESCWR Online Learning Academy SELF PACED Option

Guidance Counselors

Self Paced Option Grades 6-12 ONLY

Original Credit and Credit Recovery

Costs:  $125.00 Half Credit; $250 Full Credit

22-23 Self Paced Option Course Offerings

REGISTRATION FOR Semester 1 WILL TAKE PLACE August 15, 2022-October 26, 2022.
All Semester 1 classes must be complete by December 16, 2022.
All student course work MUST be submitted by December 16, 2022, by 2:30 pm

- Grades will be entered by teachers into Infinite Campus by the end of day December 23, 2022.

- NO EXTENSIONS will be granted.

Self Paced students need to be able to work independently in the courseware.

- We offer Self Paced Original Credit and Credit Recovery courses.

- Students will receive support through the course portal.

- There will be Zoom support for students as needed during an Office Hour timeslot.

Costs: $125.00 for .5 Half Credit Hour and $250.00 for Full Credit Hour

- Refunds will NOT be issued for students failing to complete the course in the timeframe.

- Districts are responsible for transferring grades to your student’s transcript and determining credit earned for each course a student successfully completes.